H.R. Arnault is the owner of White Sand Equity

  • Attempting to buy the Rare Earth Metals that the The Firm is brokering.
  • Now unable to purchase the R.E.M. due to The Paranoid Belgian refusing to do business with White Sand Equity after the events in Montreal.
  • Asks Burton to come work for him in "Ambergris" – and reveals that the Rare Earth Metal deposits being auctioned are actually fully played out. “The value of a thing is sometimes not the thing itself.”
  • Woody leaves Burton with H.R. in the waking world after whipping him through the dream world, and offers Burton his first concrete clue about the Woman in Red in exchange for his loyalty. He rescinds his offer after Burton hesitates. He also reveals that the Boy has the ability to obliterate the walls between dreams. 
  • In 107, it is revealed that H.R. and The Woman in Red are acquaintances, and that she was working on a book about cults, focused on the Green.