These flyers, handbills, small posters distributed by hand, are appearing.

  • Contain a picture of The Boy (Tess’ believed son)
  • Created by The Green
  • Found by Taka outside the house the Green blew up to cover their tracks, in a fountain identical to one Taka had dreamed about
  • Found by Tess inside Levon’s apartment, who claimed it was shoved into his hand, but whether this is true is undetermined. 
  • When Taka investigates the death of Andy, he finds his suitcase full of HIS NAME IS flyers. 
  • Sabine and Taka witness a man ripping down a trail of flyers posted around the city. Sabine thinks Tess is posting them, but Tess insists she is not, and she follows the trail to an abandoned house that hosts a shrine for the Boy.